Saving the Brick Cottage

When was the brick building put up? And why? We’re not sure. Most likely it was built in the 1890's. And clearly it had been abandoned decades before we arrived.
We loved this odd little building but we were concerned about its prospects. The failed roof and interior woodrot were serious concerns, but we were far more worried about the deep cracks running through the brick walls on the front and back of the building.
The first engineer to assess the building told us to tear it down and sell the bricks. We persisted and found a structural engineer who loved old buildings. He tested this one, deemed it eminently salvageable, and devised a plan that the county accepted and we implemented, gratefully.
The first stage was gutting the building. For months it stood roofless, looking forlorn and as fragile as an eggshell. The next step was to anchor the two solid side walls with steel braces. Then the damaged walls were torn down, one at a time, and rebuilt with the old bricks.
Now, with solid walls and new floors, windows, staircase, and roof, the brick building has come back to life, the happy endpoint of our lengthy restoration saga.
At the start the building was rotten from the roof down.
The walls were thick but the cracks were ominous.
Once the brick walls had been rebuilt, the roof trusses were installed.
With the new roof going on but no windows or doors, the building still looked ravaged.
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