Our amazing wallpaper craftsman, Jeff Smith, putting up the hand-screened Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper
One of the bedrooms as we saw it initially.

Time Travel with Wallpaper

The original wallpaper survived in some rooms, usually in a pretty sorry state, as shown in this "before" picture of one of the bedrooms. We were thrilled to be able to able to keep the original wallpaper on the ceiling of the parlor, and framed samples of other papers now decorate the upstairs hallway.
In a number of other rooms a wonderful specialist, Jeff Smith, installed beautiful period-appropriate wallpapers hand-screened by Bradbury & Bradbury. The ceilings are a special treat: largely neglected territory these days, but beautifully decorated here, as they were in many turn-of-the-century rooms.
Almost all the new wallpapers include the metallic inks that were beloved at the time, and they still catch the light in an amazing way, even though the source is compact fluorescents rather than kerosene lamps.
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